In the beginning of Summer ’19, we began a La Rue Inspire campaign titled QUARTIER: Take Care of Yours. It was our way of promoting the idea that we need to take initiative and responsibility in our respective communities to create a positive environment so the next generations could thrive. To spread the message, the campaign would highlight different figures and community leaders posted, in Quartier tees, at  staple locations in each of the neighborhoods.

Feeding into sense of pride and unity, the campaign generated momentum throughout the city, and that energy carried us to an anticipated end of summer event; the 1st Annual QUARTIER BLOCK PARTY powered by PUMA. 

Held at Martin Luther King Park (formally known as the legendary Kent Park) on August 24th, 2019, we brought people together from all communities for a day of love and positivity. 

The location was special to the La Rue Inspire team because most of us grew up in and around the Côte-Des-Neiges neighborhood and had made a lot of memories in the park, so this was a full circle moment, and we wanted it to be as special for everyone else as it was for us.

The event featured: 

QUARTIER ALL STAR BASKETBALL GAMES (The players from different programs around the city were provided with uniforms, socks and new kicks by PUMA HOOPS)
Free BBQ for the youth by THE PINK STOVE
Free Portraits by NASKADEMINI
Free Face Painting for kids by ASK4LOLA 

120 kids in attendance were also given new PUMA backpacks filled with back to school supplies right in time for the new year.

Over 800 people from all over the city came out and celebrated in peace, making the event a success & causing a ripple effect that was felt throughout Montreal. 

The day was followed up with a poetic recap video and photo expo of the players portraits at Espace Gris’ IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK gallery space. The players were able to see themselves in the same spotlight they often see their favorite athletes in. Their families and friends came out to share the moment with them, and many of them left with prints they could hang in their homes; solidifying these memories in their minds for years to come.

The impact and feedback from the event was so positive that we decided to make Quartier an official brand, devoting our efforts to pushing the TAKE CARE OF YOURS message year round.

Photos by Sam Karimi, Jon Carlo Tapia & Naskademini