The idea of abundance can often get confused with excess. 

We can easily get distracted by what we want, and forget what we have.This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t strive for more, but there are gems that are hidden in places that we can only see when our mind and heart are clear of the clutter. 

It’s been said that those who grow up with “Less” are better equipped to deal with difficult circumstances. Their situation can force them to practice gratitude, and in turn they are opening the door to more blessings and opportunities.

In collaboration with Plethora, a brand based out of Los Angeles, we wanted to express that as two entities who may seem limited in resources & scale, our advantage actually lies in the fact that we are able to connect with our audiences in ways that big companies simply can’t.

Sometimes, Less is More. 

A reminder that “You Have Everything You Need”.

Model: Anisa 

Photographer: Kayla Reefer