Food is one of the main catalysts for discovering new neighborhoods and bringing people together.

Whether we get a recommendation from a friend, or we come across a hidden gem by fluke, the bonds we form when breaking bread seem to be permanently engraved in our memories. The scents & flavours we experience can transport us back to a specific moment in time years later.

One of our goals is to highlight the people, places and things that make communities special, and the establishments that feed the people are more than worthy of mention as they are often at the core of the collective experience in the areas they are rooted in.

Our in-house foodie UPTOWN TRAV has an unmatched love for food and travel which make him the perfect candidate to collaborate with different businesses on behalf of Quartier to develop a unique menu item that will merge our brand cultures by way of their culinary expertise.

Each special will have a merch drop connected to it to give an opportunity to our supporters to have a collectible to commemorate the moment.

Stay tuned as we discover new flavours across different communities.